Emphasize Photos with the Page-Curl Effect

Slightly Curled Christian Photos to Download

Curl your photos slightly; impress viewers.  In addition to curling photos dramatically or turning down one of its corners, see how Warren gives a 2-D photo a subtle-yet-classy 3-D page-curl effect by slightly curling the photos before adding a border and softened shadows in a variety of locations. The converted image can add extra style, making your photo and the page it's on be easily noticed.

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You may download and use any of Warren's edited photos on this page.

Temptation apple

Tomorrow's two handles to grab

Stewardship prayer of gratitude

New life after death

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Choosing your religion

Church ministry logo

A sure foundation cornerstone

Awesome Creator

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"Global Psalms" foursome

The teacher directs your way

Seeking Jesus' face — vintage effect
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Corner page curl effect — see the uncurled image.
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Find more of Warren's border effects here.

Move your cursor  . . . on then off this image to see the completed transformation.

  Download a jumbo of this curled image.

More types of curled photos

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In addition to these three pages of page-curl enhancements,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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