Use Photo Layout Boards (Storyboards) to Tell Your Story

Page 2: Complex Unique Layout Board Designs

Simple or Complex Layouts  Graphic designers use various methods of combining text, typography, and edited photos to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. Photo layout boards, simple or complex, can produce quality results. 3-D storyboards add impact.

Warren Camp has created numerous layout boards that have been published in organization newsletters, church bulletins and brochures, all-purpose fliers and postcards, family albums, Realtor listings, birth and marriage announcements, pet boastings, tourism invitations, and more, as shown below.

Want to see simple layout boards?   Along with the following complex layout board examples, Warren presents samples of his simple layouts on this page.

Complex Layout Boards

Layout board that Warren created for a wedding photographer

Along with Warren's eleven simple layout board examples, see his eleven complex layout boards shown on this page, as well as his 3-D storyboards that add punch to photos.

See More of Warren's Storyboards

Simple Layout Boards  |  Complex Layout Boards  |  Bear Visit Storyboard

In addition to these three layout board pages, see the
large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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