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Compositing "Scripture Pictures" is an enjoyable and fulfilling process for Warren Camp. Sometimes a photo will inspire him to create a Scripture Picture that highlights a biblical passage. Other times, the passage itself stimulates him to locate and acquire passage-related photos, editing and adding to them stylish text.

Each of Warren's Scripture Picture creations involves an extensive amount of photo editing and/or graphic design. Completed Scripture Pictures are used by many. They make an an excellent resource for: creating attractive event invitations, pew sheets, and bulletin covers and inserts; making printable postcards, posters, door hangers, and fliers; adding slogans to photo collages; producing website graphics, PowerPoint presentations, sermon graphics, prayer requests, and e-broadcasts; generating logos, signs, banners, and brochures; and so much more.

But when Warren's Scripture Pictures are made into composites, he invests a lot of time and effort and heart as he designs and styles interpretive creations that help spread God's Word beautifully and memorably.

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Matthew 7:13–14

Click the three thumbnail images to enlarge them. Click again to reduce them.

Then look at the "before and after" completed composite image below them.

Warren started his Matthew 7:13-14 composite with this directional road sign.
This background image of a concrete wall was overlaid on both of this composite's two road signs to add age and authenticity.
Here's the third element that Warren chose for his Matthew 7:13-14 composite. It's a freshly painted orange road sign to which he replaced its text and overlaid a concrete texture on it.

See the end result  Move your cursor on then off this image to see the completed composite.

Before-and-after transition of Warren's Matthew 7:13-14 composite.

See and download the JUMBO composite of Matthew 7:13–14.

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† Old Testament:  Deuteronomy 7:11;  Job 36:32–33;  Psalm 119:103;  Proverb 15:14;  Proverb 30:24–28;  Ecclesiastes 10:8–9;  Isaiah 43:2a;  Daniel 6:22; and Nahum 1:13

† New Testament:  Matthew 7:13–14;  Mark 15:39;  Luke 7:32;  Luke 13:19;  John 8:32;  Acts 20:28;  1 Corinthians 9:1; and 1 Peter 2:2

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Warren's "Matthew 7:13–14" composite was used in Australia on the cover of a church's Sunday news bulletin.

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Images of the devil with dollar signs introduce this special Scripture Picture composites page.

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