Photo Color Saturation

Color Saturation Can Make a World of Difference  In the field of color theory, saturation is the colorfulness of a color relative to its brightness. As the saturation decreases, the amount of color fades away until the photo becomes black and white. As saturation increases, it becomes more colorful and vivid, as you'll see in the following before-and-after video and the large photo below.

Saturation, from Black and White to Full Color

Music by Marshall Styler

About Marshall Styler  From 1973 to 1986, Marshall Styler recorded and toured with the renowned Rochester, New York, rock band Duke Jupiter, which had seven albums to its credit on the Mercury, Epic-CBS, and Motown labels.

Although he was the band's lead singer and songwriter, he began to feel limited by lyrics and started composing instrumental pieces. In 1986 he decided to leave the rock 'n' roll life and moved from his home in New York to Austin, Texas.

In 1991, he released Camden Road, his first instrumental album, a compilation of live performances on synthesizers.

"My music is not space or soundscape music. I compose instrumental pieces that have a definite structure based around melodies. There are no words to tie it all down so there's a certain dream-like quality inherent in my sound.

"I consider myself an impressionist, in the spirit of the French impressionist painters: Degas, Monet, and Matisse. They worked with color and emotion and had a powerful elegance that I strive for in my music."

Marshall Styler

Black and White to Color  Move your cursor on then off this black-and-white image to see it in color.

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