Effective Photo Editing: Add Frames and Borders

Custom Borders, Custom Frames — Start with Simple Treatments

Sure. You could add a simple straight, one- or two-line border to the edge of a photo such as these:

Click to enlarge these three bordered images.

Or perhaps you prefer a basic frame for your photo, such as these:

Click to enlarge these three framed images.

  See Warren's collection of 150 applied frames and borders.

But when you want to create attractive, attention-getting graphic images using borders or frames, your photo editor or graphic designer can apply custom borders and frames in colors of your choice. What a difference a custom border or frame can make to an already superb photo!

Take a look at this collection of eight stylish borders and frames with simple black applications. As you scroll down to the thumbnail photos, Warren's simple borders and frames become more complex, often using a variety of techniques and colors. You'll find a collection of more-complex borders and frames on this page.

Borders — Shown in black; however, custom borders can be any color you like.

Line Frames — This sampling of black custom frames can also be made in colors.

See Warren's assortment of custom frames and borders by clicking
each of the unframed thumbnails below; click again to reduce them.

On the Complex page, find 21 of Warren's more complex custom borders and frames.
On the Animated page, Warren presents three animated assortments of distinctive borders and frames.

Custom Borders and Frames

Simple  |  Complex  |  Animated  |  Frame Popouts

In addition to the custom borders and frames on these three pages,
see the large collection of WCD's unique photo edit pages in the left column.

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