Effective Photo Editing: Add Text to Your Presentation

Adding Stylish Text to Your photos and images

There's much to achieve when you add stylish text to photos. With so many options for colors, styles, and unique embellishments, the possibilities are endless. Text-overlaid photo creations allow you to make your own postcards, posters, and fliers; add slogans to photo collages; create advertisements, catalogues, and invitations; produce website graphics and attractive e-broadcasts; generate logos, signs, and brochures; and so much more.

Sample these thumbnail images to appreciate what Warren created by adding stylish text to photos. Font names are identified in the photo captions. Be sure to enlarge the custom-built football and bread loaf images at the bottom of the page.

Click the thumbnail images to enlarge them and read their captions. Click again to reduce them.

Font: Mistral colored midnight blue

Anniversary e-card for friends

To see the step-by-step process Warren used to add stylish text to
three-dimensional images of a football, as well as a loaf of bread, click the thumbnails.


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Text on Posters, Fliers, Brochures, Promos, Ads, E-cards and more

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