Meet Cecile Kaiser

Cecile Kaiser has been nicknamed, "Saint Funny Bone." She's a talented comedienne, traveling far and wide over the past 15 years, delighting audiences with her side-splitting humor that gives a new perspective to everyday life, marriage, and raising children. She draws on her thirty-four years of marriage, six children, and many years of ministry to entertain people of all ages.

Woven into her comedy she includes God's incredible grace in saving one of her sons — born missing part of his heart, and another son — 'born against the odds.' She has a way of presenting the Bible, biblical truths, and biblical characters in an "unconventional" manner that will leave you rolling in the aisles while searching your heart.

Cecile serves on the Board of the Christian Comedy Association and is currently working with Ambassador Speakers Bureau in Nashville, Tennessee, entertaining at Crisis Pregnancy Fund Raisers, where she not only shares her talent but her heart for their ministry.

Comedy programs have included:

  • • Christian Comedy Association Showcases
  • • Christian Comedy Clubs
  • • Christian Conferences
  • • Fund Raisers
  • • Ladies Retreats
  • • Camps
  • • Plus, a multitude of secular programs including Christmas dinners, marriage conferences, and variety shows. Cecile's Christian programs also include luncheons, dinners, and community outreach events.