Welcome! This is Warren’s "Acts" volume Bible-quiz page.

This quiz provides an enjoyable approach to seeing what you now know about Luke’s second volume: Acts.

Questions come in various forms: multiple choice, drop-down menu, fill-in, and "True or False."

If you are unsure of a correct answer or would like to remind yourself of key points of Luke’s account, before starting or retaking the quiz, click any of the "Summary page" links on this page. Feel free to use your Bible!

Best of quizzing! Remember to answer every question before clicking the "Answer this question" button on each page.

Correct answers earn 4 points toward your perfect score of 100.

Feel free to take the quiz more than once. Answers and Bible references appear upon completion of each quiz round.


Are you ready to start the 25-question quiz?

Beneath each question, I’ve added a number of images, like the ones below, to give you a little help, if needed.

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