Bible Study: Luke's Gospel

Our new website, which offers a lot of material on each of its pages, has been built in four parts, according to how Pastor Dick has segmented Luke's literary masterpiece, a beautiful story masterfully told in twenty-four chapters.

New Website's Makeup

The Gospel of Luke: Weekly Bible study by the Hearty Boys

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A summary of five big ideas expressed in Luke's gospel.

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You'll find numerous resources on this site to help you appreciate Luke's gospel: Find out about Doctor Luke and when he wrote this gospel; discover details of his researching the accounts of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection, communicating them in a most orderly way; and learn a variety of ways to apply Luke's gospel as he demonstrates how best to follow the example of Jesus and bring the good news of salvation to the spiritually poor and needy.

Over 50 percent of Luke's gospel is unique, containing materials found nowhere else. For example, Luke mentions thirteen women not found in the other gospels. Of Christ's fifty-one 'parables,' thirty-five are found in Luke, nineteen of which are unique to his gospel. It can also be said that Luke's gospel has more comprehensive range than the others, beginning with the announcements concerning the births of John the Baptist and Jesus and ending with a reference to the ascension of Christ.

Be sure to take advantage of and put to good use all of the site's inclusions: summaries of each study's high points; a collection of passage-specific photos to appreciate and download; audio recitations of chapters by Max McLean; links to passage-specific video clips from the "Jesus" film; links to passages in your own version of the Bible; links to Warren Camp's artistic Scripture Picture creations that are free to download and share with friends; an assortment of historic painting images by masters 'Angel Gabriel's Annunciation to Mary,' by Murillo, c. 1655. The Nativity is a prominent element of the gospel of Luke, comprising over 10 percent of its text. Three times the length of the Nativity text in Matthew's gospel, Luke is the only gospel to provide an account of the birth of John the Baptist, using it to draw parallels between the births of John and Jesus.; links to relevant videos; Bible bookmarks you can make for yourself or give as gifts; and much more. So click on the links that you'll find on every page so you can benefit from this site's numerous helpful resources.


Sneak preview  To find easy-to-understand summaries of Luke's account that he graciously made available to us, click the appropriate menu tabs atop every page. Hopefully, you'll enjoy being taught by Luke.