The Hearty Boys Proclamation

The Hearty Boys are a group of men of various ages who meet weekly to study and discuss God's Word together. Hosted by Chapel in the Pines in Arnold, California, the Hearty Boys have been meeting reliably for more than thirteen years. Our proclamation highlights our purpose and commitment.

The Hearty Boys Bible-study group:
"Christ's ambassadors to exalt God."

The Hearty Boys' Proclamation

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Each of us is His disciple, eager to read, study, learn, be inspired, and apply God's Word to our daily walk, while choosing to become fully devoted to Him, as we become His true followers.

Our passion is to demonstrate God's love to the world, while becoming hearers, learners, and, most importantly, doers of His Word.

We will edify, equip, and empower one another to live for God's purpose by recognizing our full potential in Christ Jesus.

Equipped and empowered, we Hearty Boys leave each week's Bible study: eager to surrender to Him; committed to carrying our cross and serving Him; transformed with a renewed mind; ready to please God because His kingdom is now within us.

We are careful in our daily walk, knowing that for some, we ourselves will be the only Bible that others in the world will ever read.

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