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Then Share Your Faith with Others!

This Tuesday, many more of us will tell our personal story of how we met Jesus or renewed our personal relationship with him. Please come prepared to tell your story.

Here a few suggested ways:

 "My story in coming into a relationship with Jesus is. . . ." OR

 "The following individuals loved me by being kind, generous, serving, and helpful; it moved me to having faith in Jesus. . . ." OR

 "My story is like one of the following narratives that we've studied in Hearty Boys over the past five weeks:

(1) 'There must be something more.'

(2) 'If others really knew me they wouldn't accept me. But Jesus and some of my Christian friends accepted me.'

(3) 'A friend asked me about an issue I was struggling with in my own wisdom and strength — "How is that working for you?"

(4) 'I blew it, but I discovered that Jesus did not condemn me.'

(5) 'My experience is simply this: "I once was blind, but now I see."

The point at which we met Jesus and we given a new release on life — be it deliverance from an addiction, a healing of a disease, a protection in an otherwise potentially, tragic situation, an experience of deep forgiveness, a growing sense of purpose and meaning for our life, etc. — this becomes for us our ministry. As a result, we'll find that God will bring into our life individuals who are in a similar place of need or experience we once were in and we'll have the opportunity to "tell them our story," which will become a point of healing, deliverance, and relationship with Jesus! Yes?

You're invited to "tell your story boldly" during our final meeting, as well as during your future personal encounters with others.