First and Second Corinthians Bible Study

Our new website, which offers a lot of material on each of its pages, has been built in three parts, according to how Pastor Dick has divided our study of Apostle Paul's two letters to the church of Corinth.

Part 1: First Corinthians, chapters 1 through 8

Part 2: First Corinthians, chapters 9 through 16

Part 3: Second Corinthians, chapters 1–8

Part 4: Second Corinthians, chapters 9–13

New Website's Makeup

Apostle Paul's two epistles to the church body of Corinth

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You'll find numerous resources on this site to help you appreciate 1st and 2nd Corinthians: Learn about Paul and when he wrote both letters; get a feel for what Corinth was like in Paul's day and see how its population was comprised; and discover the occasion and purpose and theme of Paul's writings.

Take advantage of and put to good use all of the following inclusions: summaries of each study's high points; maps and charts; audio recitations of chapters by Max McLean; links to passages in your version of the Bible; links to Warren's Scripture Picture creations that are free to download and share with friends; an assortment of historic painting images by masters; links to relevant videos; Bible bookmarks you can make for yourself or give as gifts; and much more. So click on the links you find to open and benefit from this site's helpful resources.