Graphic Design — Keep It Clean!

What Is Clean Design?

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A clean design supports visual thinking so people can meet their informational needs with a minimum of effort. The design must be easy to understand and visually attractive. This goes for print design, digital design, and website design, as well as graphic design.

Warren Camp Design strives to "keep it clean" when it comes to graphic design. Whatever you're creating — a brochure, résumé, web page, postcard, greeting card, newsletter, poster, business card, an invitation, and the like — its basic purpose is to clearly convey interesting information to your audience. It must help your audience quickly answer questions such as: "What's this about?" "Is this document the one I'm looking for?" "When and where does this event take place?" "How might it benefit me?"

See a selection of WCD's clear and clean graphic designs — digital and printed — in the left column.

Informational Needs  Most people have the same basic informational needs when looking at a document.

  • Relevance  Is this for me? Is it something I care about?
  • Survey  What are its main points? Which are most important to me?
  • Comprehension  Do I get it? Is it an announcement, an appeal, or an invitation?
  • Recollection  Gee, I remember seeing something about a baptism, but where?
  • Details  What is the day and time? Location? Must I RSVP? How and with whom?

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Clean graphic design  A refined graphic design product includes precise color, typography, balance, and rhythm, as you'll see in this recent WCD design.

Warren applies the same precise approach to a client's existing design, resulting in a new image with greater impact and results. See these before and after redesigns.

Clean graphic design and skilled communication go hand in hand. Warren constantly evaluates the pros and cons of existing layouts, images, and text: restaurant menus, real-estate fliers, church bulletins, and public message boards are favorites. Is the message clear? Is the design cluttered? Change the colors? Add or improve photos? Is a viewer's attention held? If not, why not?

Clean graphic design will produce the intended results.

Warren makes it his business to learn about your business so that all elements and objectives are accounted for and reflected in your design and printing. He's a “clarity specialist” — a professional graphic designer who brings focus and understanding to the numerous aspects and applications of your visual message, creating order out of chaos.

New Design or Redesign?

Hopefully you've found this introduction to graphic design informative and entertaining. Call Warren Camp for help with your upcoming graphic design project or to redesign one you've developed. He looks forward to creating or redesigning your next visual communication, whatever its form.

Please see these WCD graphic design pages: Digital Design, Print Design, and Website Design.

here California graphic design firm WCD specializes in print and digital design: brochure, poster, and postcard design, and website development, while providing marketing services for local and global-growth-minded companies, churches, missionaries, or organizations. WCD can become your marketing department, collaborating with you to create effective materials that help generate revenue. Contact Warren to see what he and WCD can offer you.