Andrew Fisher's Latest Photo Album

Andrew Fisher presents his latest photo album: "Birds of Kenya, Alaska, and California"

We have a majestic and creative God. Please enjoy a few bird photos
that Andrew captured during his November mission trip to Kenya, along with
two favorite photos that he recently took in Alaska and California.

Summer Tanager: Santa Clarita, Calif.

Carmine Bee-eater: Kenya

White-throated Bee-eater: Kenya

Collared Palm Thrush: Kenya

Carmine Bee-eater on sheep's back: Kenya

Two African Fish Eagles: Kenya

African Paradise Flycatcher: Kenya

Lilac-breasted Roller: Kenya

Yellow Warbler: Alaska

African Green Pigeon: Kenya

Weaver: Kenya

Two Lesser Flamingos: Kenya

Lanner Falcon: Kenya

Flying Lesser and Greater Flamingos: Kenya

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