Ron's Changed Life Becomes

A Life-Changing Ministry

by Dale Fisher

Ron has really been impacted by the TLM training that he's received. During my recent trip to Kenya, he reported on how the "Home of the Leader" training (the name of a marriage conference held in April) had changed his life. After the trainin, he made the decision to not bring his work home with him. That was a major decision! He now spends more time at home with his wife and children.

During training, Ron reported how ministry was going at his church, saying that John Koech (an old man with a son in that church) had gone to church with his daughter. He, John, accepted Christ (became born again) and is now a faithful member.

Another old man, Ezekiel, was sick and asked for prayer. He hadn't chosen to accept Christ, but realized that he'd felt better as a result of prayers. He's since attended church three Sundays in a row and has now accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Ezekiel's wife has also joined his church.

Ron is a university professor who used to bring home lots of student papers to grade. Now he leaves them at work and spends time at home with his family!

It's gratifying to see how God is changing our TLM leaders' lives, and how they, in turn, are seeing other people's lives changed as they minister within their spheres of influence.


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