Character Shows Through and Shines

by Dale Fisher

As we departed the equator-straddling training site where our week-long TLM training had completed, our next stop was only fifteen minutes down the road. We arrived at a girl's high school to give the closing speeches to a youth leader's camp. Pastor Louis had developed the camp in order to train the area's high school and university student leaders in ministry. His vision and plan was to reach this entire region with the good news of Jesus.

Pastor Louis and his team had already planted twelve churches; now, for the second year, he was training young Christian leaders in educational institutions, equipping them with the goal of reaching their fellow youth with the gospel. Four of us who'd just come from the week-long training enjoyed giving short talks to about thirty student leaders; my talk highlighted Daniel 1:1–8, which focuses on obtaining your identity from God.

That was just the first report we got from Louis and his team of four TLM graduates. As we paused for a cup of tea, the team elaborated on how some pastors whom they encountered had noticed their character. They were "different," and these pastors realized that God had changed their lives, so they asked Louis and his team if they too could be trained similarly. This will expand Louis' and his team's ministry into two additional counties.

It's very encouraging to learn and see how God is working with this team of recent TLM graduates.

Louis addresses student leaders at the close of their week-long training.


† Dale: "Character Shows Through and Shines"

† Dale: "One Life-Changing Ministry through Training"

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