Determining One's Spiritual Maturity

by Dale Fisher

A big part of Marti’s and my ministry is helping people mature spiritually so that Christ is more and more the center of their lives. We're excited when we help develop spiritual leaders who can lead individuals to Christ, follow them up by teaching them the basics of the Christian life, and help them grow to the point that they can evangelize and disciple others.

We continue to be encouraged by what we learned at the Real Life Ministries conference that we attended in July and wrote about in our August letter. The church we attended in Post Falls, Idaho measures its success by how well it disciples it members. One of the tools they use that was introduced us to is the Discipleship Process Wheel (shown below). I like it a lot and want to share it with others.

Basically that's what I taught in last Saturday’s training of small-group leaders at our church. Marti and I participated in as well as taught part of a six-hour training module at our church for 40 leaders of at-home Bible studies. Our purpose was to help train the adult disciplers of our congregation.

I'd like to show you the helpful Discipleship Process Wheel diagram that you can use to measure your own spiritual maturity or, when you're a small-group leader, assess a member's spiritual maturity level.

 Click to enlarge; click again to reduce it.  

(Source: “Immersion One Participant Manual,” Real Life Assoc., 2011, Post Falls, Ida.)

For a more detailed explanation of this diagram and how it can be used, I recommend the book "Church Is a Team Sport" by Jim Putman.

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.  —  2 Timothy 2:2
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