Our August Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

—  Each of us thanks you, in advance, for your helpful prayers.  —

Dale introduces the family's first prayer request.


"Thanks for praying for the workshop that I co-taught at the Cru staff training
in Colorado. More people came than expected and it went well. This month,
please pray that the Transformational Leadership Movement (TLM) will be able
to start in a new country this year. Also please pray that I’ll improve in praising
the Lord, no matter the circumstances."

Marti prays next.


"Thank you for your prayers for the writing of my book.
I’m in motion and slowly doing it. Please pray that I’ll be
shown the best title for my book and that God will get the glory
throughout this project."

Thank you, again, for your helpful prayers.

They mean a lot to each of us.

Something happens when we pray;
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength, fear gives way,
Therefore, let us always pray.   — Anonymous

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