Our April Prayer Requests and Thanksgivings

—  Each of us thanks you, in advance, for your helpful prayers.  —

Dale introduces the family's first prayer request.


"On the 9th, we chose to postpone the Cameroon mentoring trip
with the hope that security issues and the chance of us being kidnapped
decrease. Two Cameroonians advised us not to come right now. Please pray for
peace in Cameroon. Pray that I’ll use my available time wisely for Kingdom building activities.
Also pray that I’ll have more joy and less anxiety over all. Thank you."

Marti prays next.


"Pray for me as I follow up our new sister in Christ
[see Dale's ‘How God Works’ feature on page 1].”

Anna and David appreciate your prayers very much

Anna and David (and Miriam)

"This has been a miserable flu season for us. Please pray
for our health as we parent an energetic toddler."
— Anna

Andrew appreciates your prayers very much.

Andrew and Liz

"Pray for me to communicate well with Liz when I take two-week-long
work-related trips in the San Diego area during April and May.” — Andrew

“Pray for me to finish my residency well and graduate in June. Ask the Lord to
help us find the right house to buy somewhere between Anchorage and Wasilla.” — Liz

Adah appreciates your prayers very much.

Adah and Cory

"Pray for us, as we attend a Syrian wedding this week, to be a light for Christ.
And praise God for a healthy pregnancy so far; I’m just over half way; and . . .
we’re having a baby girl!” — Adah

Thank you, again, for your helpful prayers.

They mean a lot to each of us.

Something happens when we pray;
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength, fear gives way,
Therefore, let us always pray.   — Anonymous

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