Late-Breaking News — Kenya 2009 Mission

Positive Feedback from a Variety of People

by Dale Fisher

customarily, our national missionary host returns to those remote villages in Kenya where we’d ministered so she can perform a follow-up evaluation visit. Having returned home, in Kenya, about a week ago, she wrote to me, commenting on peoples’ responses to our August ministry there. Here are a few highlights that she shared with me.

The “Pad” Project
Young girls sewing their own pad“. . . Marti, your project of pads has become so useful, not only to the girls but also to the women. I am even wondering how to go about training all those that are requesting to be trained. We only have one machine in the village.”

The School Desks
The first desk gets tested and approved“. . . The children were so happy. Most of them sit at a desk for the first time. They were saying, ‘Christians are so good and so loving. They have made for us desks. Now, we do not sit on the floor.’
“We are taking this opportunity to tell them that we are similar to our Savior, who loved us so much and has given his own life for the sake of our sins.”

Additional Commentary
“. . . So many children are now considering Jesus’ love for them [more than Mohammed’s]. You see how a token gift, given out of love, can touch the life of someone and even change him or her for a better life.”
Our national missionary host also spoke with one remote-village sub-chief, telling me, The national missionary host“The sub-chief was very much touched by your sacrifice again, and he requested us to pray that the whole [village] may change and embrace Jesus, the loving master.”
Finally, she summarized our Kenya 2009 ministry by adding, “The coming of all of you has been a very big blessing and has caused many doors to open the extent that other villages request that we [minister] there next time.”

Along with our missionary host's commentary, we've also received responses from a few collegians who had joined us. One of them, Cassia, says, “It was incredible working with and alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ who lived thousands of miles away from me but who worshiped and had faith in the same God as me. I may have gotten just a small glimpse of just how big God is.”

In retrospect, we again thank God for partnering with us to help our team be a small piece of what He is doing in Kenya as He changes lives and influences a village with Christ’s message and love.


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