New Possibilities and Opportunities Arise

CCC's ISOL Merges with GLDT

by Dale Fisher

I traveled to Orlando, Florida, last month, with eight others from the International School of Leadership (ISOL). From September 8 to 12, we met with Andrea Buczynski (shown in the first photo), Campus Crusade for Christ's (CCC) Vice President for Global Leadership Development.
Our ISOL team was considering merging with her Global Leadership Development Team (GLDT). Our team spent many hours getting acquainted with GLDT team members, discussing what would need to take place for Campus Crusade for Christ to fully develop its leaders, and determining how ISOL might help accelerate this joint process. In the end, we all prayerfully decided to proceed with the merger.
The California contingent of this new team will remain there and not have to relocate to GLDT's Orlando home. I'm now serving on the transition team that will coordinate and finalize merger details. The ISOL team will merge with GLDT and take on its name.
I'm excited about the new possibilities and ministry opportunities that lay ahead with the new Global Leadership Development Team!"

Andrea and Dale join forces

Andrea Buczynski, Campus Crusade for Christ Vice President
of Global Leadership Development and leader of the Global
Leadership Development Team (GLDT) met in September,
with Dale, in Orlando, to jointly discuss ISOL's merger
with GLDT.

(Place your cursor over this photo to magnify the GLDT members' faces.)The newly combined ISOL and GLDT team, together in Orlando
The newly combined ISOL and GLDT team poses in the backyard
of an Orlando team member.

Henry Tan leads merger discussions with GLDT

Henry Tan, current ISOL director, leads part of the merger discussions with GLDT.

Now that we've joined forces, the Fisher family, ISOL, and GLDT continue to be actively associated with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). We're still under the same CCC financial structure as before.
That is, we trust God to provide our financial support through contributing investors who send money directly into our staff account on a monthly basis. Only after funds have been deposited into our account can we draw out a salary. As I type, our family account is a little lower than usual. If you want to support us, whether once or on a monthly basis, please click here to find the details to make your giving fast and easy.
In advance, I thank you very much.

"Every good gift comes from the Father."

another Christian fish with a cross

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