The Peregrine Falcon

Bird Spotting, Watching, and Photographing

The Salton Sea Offers Andrew Lots of Opportunities

by Dale Fisher

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On October 17, Marti and I joined Andrew at the Salton Sea, a large saline lake, southwest of Redlands, California, to do some bird watching together. What a great day it was!
Not only is Andrew a quick spotter, he also remembers where he's previously seen particular birds.
Andrew has photographed a Peregrine Falcon at the Salton Sea
with his Nikon camera and big telephoto lens.
Near the end of our Salton Sea outing, Andrew wanted to take us to one more place where he knew there was a good chance of seeing some birds. While driving down the road, he spotted a Peregrine Falcon perched on a utility pole, hopped out of the car, and photographed it as you'll see by Andrew spotted a Peregrine Falcon atop a utility pole and got a great shot of it. clicking here. To the right is a photo of Andrew that I took after he photographed the perched Peregrine Falcon.
We also saw burrowing owls Andrew spotted this burrowing owl before it jumped into its protective hole. such as this one, harrier hawks, osprey, red-tailed hawks, shrub birds, and many sea birds including sea gulls, a black-headed skimmer, avocets, white and brown pelicans, stilts, cormorants, egrets, plovers, and herons. Whew! At the end of the road, we saw a large number of water fowl at a distance. In this single photo, perhaps a thousand birds abound in, above, and around the Salton Sea. Look at them here!
Andrew continues to love his work as a wildlife biologist in San Diego. While he works for a private consulting firm, he has many opportunities to be out in the field viewing wildlife. He's happy to have visited many of the Channel Island National Park Islands that are off the Santa Barbara coast and he always enjoys identifying birds in these remote places.


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