Adah Receives a Special Honor

Modeling Servant Leadership

by Marti Fisher

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Dale and I were so happy to go Azusa Pacific University's (APU) seventh annual Servant Leadership Awards Luncheon last month, where one of its students was honored for their God-honoring service in each of four specific areas: within APU, within the community, through an academic course, and internationally. Adah was chosen by her professors for her outstanding service in the international community. Because Adah is currently living and studying in South Africa through the middle of December, we went and accepted the APU award in her place.

Adah's APU Servant Leadership Award for outstanding leadership service in the international community Having been chosen APU's leadership service winner in the international community, Adah received $1,000, along with an attractive Servant Leadership Award (shown to the right); a figure of Jesus, washing Apostle Peter's feet. The award represents, so beautifully, what Dale and I have seen in our daughter and what others have observed as well. During the ceremony, many wonderful things were said about our Adah. Needless to say, we were very proud of her.

Adah was permitted to keep half of the $1,000 scholarship she earned from this award and required to donate the remaining $500 to a community agency of her choice. She chose a ministry called, “Hands of Mercy,” an outreach mission mobilizing families and individuals to love people in Mexico in tangible ways. You can find many of the projects that Hands of Mercy has performed for people in and around Ensenada by visiting its home page.

Little did Adah know that the $500 she donated to Hands of Mercy would be the exact amount needed to help with a recent emergency. A few weeks back, a fire ignited on the Hands of Mercy ranch. Lasting nearly two weeks, it burned more than a 100,000 acres.

While Marti holds Adah's award, Dale is invited to introduce to everyone
the melted water pipe that prevented fire damage to homes.
God, the all powerful one, performed one miracle after another. He sent 30 firefighters and 80 military fire-team members, all Mexicans, to fight the fire. He also changed the direction of the wind minutes before it was 50 feet from, and about to destroy, one of the missionary's homes that was thankfully spared. And he chose to melt one of the ranch's plastic water supply pipes that Dale is holding in this luncheon photo. Fortunately, the ruptured pipe sent water rushing toward growth that surrounded another missionary's home, saving it from destruction. Such a merciful God we have!

Through two weeks of struggles and chaos, many opportunities arose allowing Hands of Mercy missionaries to minister to and love people.
-- Members of the large fire brigade slept and ate at the ranch as they fought the ravaging fire. It cost exactly $500 to feed the firefighters attempting to save the Hands of Mercy ranch on the outskirts of Ensenada. Adah's $500 contribution couldn't have come at a better time.
-- The missionaries put a number of New Testament books (translated into Spanish) on the dining tables where the firefighters were being fed and the books were picked up. Later, two firefighters were seen reading their New Testaments. No doubt, they recognized that the God of the universe was on their side.

Marti holds and admires Adah's APU Servant Leadership Award
for outstanding leadership service in the international community.
Dale and I were so glad to have been invited to this special annual APU luncheon. We're happy to share this account with you. We praise the Lord for giving us a daughter who longs to serve Him.



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