God Is in the Communications Business

by Marti Fisher

God has a message for me in most everything I do, especially if I'm listening.

About three weeks ago, my friend Jan was so excited. Beanie Babies logoHer friend, whom I'll call “S”, had given her some Beanie Babies, thinking they’d be donated to the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. She’d been collecting them for a long time and her husband had recently built their multi-million-dollar dream home, with floor-to-ceiling display cabinets that would house her hundreds of furry creatures.

a brown Beanies bear dollSeeing this as “a God thing,” Jan decided to give them to me to take to the children in Kenya instead. Adah gave us the idea of taking Beanies to needy children — as you'll see on page 2 of our June 2007 e-newsletter, when she showed us photos of Filipino kids all aglow with their new toys.

However, "S's" husband insisted on receiving a tax receipt, which I was unable to produce. “S” was prepared to give away more Beanies, but the fact that I couldn't provide her husband with a tax receipt prevented her from donating them.

I began to think how sad it is to see a "Christian" weighed down by the laying up of treasures on earth. I remembered the rich young man (Matthew 19:16–22) who was told by Jesus to sell all that he had, give it to the poor, and then follow Jesus. Sadly, the man, who had asked Jesus what he must do to get eternal life, walked away from Jesus because he had so much wealth.

I even found myself judging this couple. The Holy Spirit reminded me that this was sinful. I thought about the little children around the world who don't have a single toy, while this elderly lady has hundreds to spare.

Thinking about my own little collections, I realized how easy it is to get addicted to them and lay up treasures on earth. Having read "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn (http://www.epm.org/treasure.html), I clearly see the point of not holding on to material wealth, as we get closer to heaven, day by day. Instead, I want to lay up heavenly treasures, where thieves won't break in and steal and where moth and rust do not destroy.

header image of 'heavenly treasures'

I very much look forward to going to Kenya and pray that I'll be a humble servant, able to share the wonderful life message of Jesus with those who have never heard about Him.

Below are four photos of the few hundred beanies we've collected.

See our big collection of

Beanie Babies icon

. . . soon to make their way into the hands of beautiful Kenyan children.

A red Beanies dog sits atop forty others.


This suitcase full of Beanies is ready for Kenya.


All the Beanies going to Kenyan children


TY's "Righty," "Easter Bear," and "Swampy the crocodile," each encourage you
to accompany them, joining our missionary team in Kenya, as we all minister
to many needy children and adults. If you'd like to serve the Lord with us
from June 20 to July 12, or want to contribute to this essential mission,
please contact Marti at her new e-address or at 909-748-7849.
Thank you very much.

another Christian fish with a cross

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