April Action... Moving into May Trip to Cameroon

by Marti Fisher

During a recent Moms in Touch, Tuesday morning, prayer-group meeting at Marti's house, the moms enjoy a snack as they celebrate one of these mother's academic accomplishments in college. Yesterday was one of those busy days for me. Dale got up early to go to Men’s Prayer and I headed to the “Y” for water aerobics at 6:15 a.m. Believe me, I don’t do that every day. Then at 7:30 a.m., my praying moms in my Moms In Touch group came to our home. As you'll see when you click the photo to the right, together we praised the Lord, confessed to Him, thanked Him, and interceded for our children.

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Marti called three ladies to work together for three consecutive Thursdays to help cut and sew cloth pads for the Fishers' Cameroon mission trip. Marti calls these productive gatherings "pad parties." The next wave was the faithful “pad” sewing ladies. Click the photo to the left to see three women and me at a recent "pad party." About 30 women have been involved in sewing cloth menstrual pads that I'll take to Cameroon on May 13. At the moment, I have about 250 completed ones and 225 assembled kits for the Cameroonian women to sew. This has been an amazing project where so many women feel a part of our ongoing Cameroon mission.

At this moment, we have $3,200 (of the $4,500 needed) toward building a new kitchen in Fundong for the Harvest Children's Home orphans. I am bringing my leather gloves along in hopes that I can mortar some of the bricks together.

Dale and I personally still need to raise $1,240. Would you like to support our mission? Any amount is precious to us and to the Lord. If you would like to give, please We have such joy each time we go overseas as we see our Jehovah-Jireh provide our resources.

My Mission Cameroon 2010 team is already gearing up for this May trip. Dale, Stan, and, Alan plan to do pastoral training and mentoring while Megan and I plan to hold a one-day women’s conference. Please pray for me as I prepare talks on prayer and grace.

I also plan to teach the women how to construct the washable, reusable menstrual pads. I will be closely working with Mercy, who is in charge of all the women of the Cameroon National Baptist Convention (CNBC). Mercy recently ask me if my pad talk would be theoretical rather than practical. I assured her that my talk would be very practical, first constructing pads from kits I'll provide, next highlighting the importance of them, finally explaining how to use, wash, and reuse them over and over. I'll show the women, as I do in these four photos, how they start with a few components from the kit, sew them together, and easily make their personal menstrual pads.

Pad kit components Completed pad

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We also want to show the "Jesus" film again to more of the unreached tribe of people who live only 15 minutes up the road from the Bible School. For years, there has been no interest on the part of the Christians to reach out to these people who are their neighbors. Dale has begun to bridge the gap and showed The Jesus Film to this group’s religious leader last year.

We would ask you to join us in praying Colossians 3:17 for our team. It says, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Thank you so much.


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