Teaching Creatively in Kenya

A Skit, Roll-Playing, and Object Lessons

by Dale Fisher

God has given me a large dose of creativity when it comes to teaching; so while in Kenya recently, I put it to full effect.

I love using object lessons to help students grasp more easily a principle or point. Once they understand a point, they can use their energy applying it to their lives and ministry. It's also "fun" and I feel that learning is easier if we're all having a good time. Here are some examples of creative teaching that I used while teaching at Tabor Hill in Kenya.

The Johari Window Frame Model

My use of this visual effect (which I highlight on the next page) seemed to be better understood when I built and demonstrated an actual wood-framed window with moveable crosspieces that enabled the size of each pane to be expanded or contracted.

The Johari Window Model was the first visual aid that Dale presented;
the pastors soon embraced the principles presented.

Personal Life Assessment

I constructed an additional visual aid that was operational. My "Personal Life Assessment" tool was used to help people see how balanced one's life is. I used the assessment tool on myself and displayed my results to the pastors; they liked it and asked a few questions about it. As a class, many of us discovered that we need more "fun" in our lives.

Dales presents his own Personal Life Assessment to the class

Pastor Martin (left) from near Mt. Kenya asks Dale for clarification.

Executive Chef Dale

Click to open a free 'OFTEN' bookmark that you can print.
The one visual effect that the trainees responded to most positively was my dressing up as an executive chef. Marti had ironed the letters O, F, T, E, and N on a chef's hat. It illustrated that a working person, such as a chef, needs to do "God's work God's way" to get the best results. OFTEN is an acrostic that stands for the theme of this teaching. Click here to see and read the acrostic as a bookmark.

Dale's favorite visual aid was his executive chef outfit. One pastor trainee liked it so much that she took this demonstrative photo.

Other creative teaching techniques that I used were a role play, a skit as well as other object lessons. We all had an enjoyable time and hopefully also learned a few things that would help the leaders we were training grow in their character and walk with Christ.

Thank you for praying and investing in our ministry. You are a vital part of strengthening pastors in Kenya. We appreciate you.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. — Colossians 3:23