GLDT-West Meets in Temecula

Planning Retreat Very Productive

by Dale Fisher

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Dr. Gordon Klenck makes an electronic presentation to his group.

Early in February, Marti and I had the pleasure of meeting with the west-coast half of Global Leadership Development Team for a planning retreat that we held in Temecula (about an hour from our home). GLDT is a ministry that helps develop Campus Crusade for Christ leadership around the world, as shown on this page.

Marti clearly cooks and talks with great expression. Marti and I were quite involved in the retreat's preparation phase: Marti took responsibility for planning and cooking our meals, while I secured the house that we rented for the three-day retreat. We chose a farm house in Temecula because we wanted to have a family-style atmosphere where we would be together for discussion sessions, as well as cook together, wash dishes together, and so on.

Campus Crusade for Christ is currently making important organizational changes involving structure and culture. The purpose of culture change is to increase the effectiveness of Campus Crusade, as well as encourage more of a team structure while placing more focus on local ministry. The goal of our retreat was to organize and create a variety of teaching lessons that we would present to various Campus Crusade teams in order to help them present and describe the importance of these changes.

Campus Crusade's culture change is made up of five elements:

  1. Value-driven
  2. Shared leadership
  3. Kingdom mentality
  4. Local ownership
  5. Learning environment

We split our group into small teams and wrote five lessons on each culture change element. I worked on the "Learning environment" element while Marti focused on the "Value-driven" element.

By the end of the retreat, we'd discussed and evaluated all the lessons we created, preparing ourselves fully. By the time we'd arrive at our homes, each of us would have a complete list of assignments, along with suggestions on how to modify and improve our upcoming presentations.

We all felt that this was a very productive retreat. What's more, Head-Chef Marti (sitting at the head of the table) cooked up a number of scrumptious meals. Here is a shot that Dale took of the team chatting after enjoying dinner together.we ate very well, enjoyed During the retreat, a few team members got down (but not dirty) to enjoy petting a pig on the farm. wonderful times of fellowship, and accomplished a great amount of collaborative work.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17).

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