The Foundation; Your Identity and Freedom in Christ

by Dale Fisher

On Memorial Day, May 26, I spoke to a group of 70 pastors and their wives in Tijuana, Mexico. This was a different group of pastors, associated with the YUGO (Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach) mission, under the auspices of ISOL (Campus Crusade's International School of Leadership), than the one to whom I gave my message during the Ensenada conference in January.
The CEO of YUGO, Leonard Janssen, had heard of our ISOL ministry work in Ensenada and invited me to speak to his Tijuana group. Incidentally, we may present another pastors' conference this fall, similar to our Ensenada conference.
During my latest conference presentation, I repeated the topic "Sonship, our identity in Christ" that I'd presented in Ensenada. To highlight my demonstration as I spoke, I stood upon my three foundation stone props while urging the pastors and their wives to "stand on the foundation of Christ's righteousness, not their own record in ministry."
As you'll see in the photo below, it was extremely windy and cold. Consequently, I shortened the session and eliminated the discussion group part. The weather was so miserable that a number of pastors stood inside the kitchen, out of view of the camera, to try to stay warm.
While I spoke, Marti and one Mexican woman bundled up to keep warm. When I told the closing story of God's love and unconditional acceptance, tears flowed down the woman's cheeks. Although it was very cold during the outdoor conference, some hearts were touched and warmed by God's great care and affection for them.

Below are a few photos of me warming hearts with a comforting God story on a frigid day.

Dale answers a Mexican pastor's question.

Dale listens to a question from a Mexican pastor that gets translated
to English during his personally touching "Sonship" message.

Pastors and wives take notes during Dale's message.

Pastors and wives try to keep warm while taking notes during Dale's message.

Dale demonstartes building upon an inappropriate foundation.

Dale demonstrates building upon an inappropriate foundation stone:
the "My Good Works" stone.

The appropriate foundation stone — the righteousness of Jesus

Here, Dale reinforces the importance of choosing an appropriate
foundation stone: the "Righteousness of Jesus" stone.

The three stones await your choice.

The three stones await your choice.
Question:  On which would you want to build your life's foundation?
Hint:  See Apostle Paul's three specific directives on the Fishers' "Foundation Stones" page.

another Christian fish with a cross

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