Spiritual Warfare Still Exists

Susan and the Monkey Demon

by Dale Fisher

While I was mentoring Pastor F in Kenya, recently, he shared this story with me.

Susan is an elementary school teacher who felt bewitched. She lived in constant fear that if her family built a good and bigger house, they'd die; so they lived in a very small, mud-brick house that cost well below their income level.

Jane, one of pastor F’s Life Group leaders who was practicing Prayer-Care-Share, decided to visit Susan. She invite her and her two children — who lived with her while their two other children were at school — to church. Susan allowed the children to attend Sunday school, but said, “I didn’t want to go to church.” Susan felt that way because she was just waiting to die. “My life is in danger and my husband’s life is in danger," she declared.

Susan later attended Pastor F’s church in Western Kenya and wanted him to pray for her. He sat her down and listened to her story, before praying for her. He also shared the gospel with her, and she accepted Christ. Her story touched his heart. He prayed for her and said that she'd be delivered from her problem.

Later, F and his wife visited Susan. He suggested that Susan be baptized with her four daughters. She was hesitant to be baptized with her daughters until F shared with her the story from Acts 16 of the Philippian jailer and his family being baptized together.

On the day of their baptism, Susan was in the baptismal water for 30 minutes. F struggled with her in the water as some power came over her or was manifested through her. F called church men to help, pulling her out of the water. As they were praying for her, “something manifested in a daughter.” It was a demon who said that a witchdoctor had sent a monkey (demon) to their home to stay there; they don’t see it but it stays in their house.

As F prayed for Susan, the monkey demon began speaking through the daughter saying, “This family must die poor. They will not build a house. They will not go to school. They will finish badly. This girl will die before she advances any farther in her education.” This daughter had just finished high school and was about to start college. The result was fear in the family.

After praying, the Lord delivered this family! Susan and her four daughters have been set free!

The father, a man who said that he'd never be saved, invited Pastor F and his wife to his home. The two visited the father who opened up to them saying, “This day I will not receive Christ. God is working in this family, but I will not receive Christ today. I have seen miracles. Your God is working in this family.”

Later, a monkey manifested itself by becoming visible in the house. It came out and walked in the home. Then it walked away to a neighbor’s home and hasn't come back.

Susan is still a member of F’s church. She's a leader-in-training for a Life Group. And her daughters love God. Each of them is attending and advancing in school. Now the husband is saying, “I will receive Christ.”

Scriptural reflection

Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed at that moment.

— Matthew 17:18

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