"Mission Cameroon 2010"

The Fishers' Photo Account

by Dale Fisher

Cameroon, West Africa

Even though this was my fifth trip to Cameroon, West Africa, to minister in a remote mountain community, I still get excited when I think about what God did while we were there. We directed many facets of our ministry into three areas: This BIST signboard was erected to commemorate the year's graduating class.a small Baptist denomination; an orphanage where we stayed; and to the local community.

Rather than attempt to describe what we did on this latest mission, I'll let our photos do the talking.

The first half of photos present our various ministries with the Cameroon National Baptist Convention (CNBC). The second half displays events and activities conducted at the Harvest Children's Home Orphanage. Please enjoy our Mission Cameroon 2010 photo tour!

"God's provision is only one prayer away."  Anonymous

Dale gives a donated NIV Study Bible to Glory (far left), a student at the Baptist International School of Theology (BIST). The Bible was used as a textbook for the Inductive Bible-Study Methods course.

The American part of the team that ministered in Cameroon this year from May 13 to 29 pose for a team photo.

In the back row (from left to right) are Meg, her dad Mike Churchman, and Dale.

In the front are Dr. Stan Gabriel (who ministers with Marti and Dale in GLDT), Marti, and Dr. Alan Weaver (who was also a Campus Crusade teammate a couple of years ago).

At the Baptist Inter-national School of Theology (BIST), Dale and co-teacher, Dr. Stan Gabriel (not in photo) teach the Inductive Bible-Study Methods course.

Every year, the ministry team takes its annual BIST photo. The eleven current students are dressed in the school uniform while the six faculty members are dressed in civilian clothes. The provost, Rev. David Mundama, is on the left.

This is the fifth Cameroon trip in as many years that Dr. Alan Weaver and Dale have taken together.

Here, Alan (second from right) teaches district pastors of the Cameroon National Baptist Convention (CNBC) during the Mentor's Conference. Most of the mentors are district pastors who have the opportunity to be mentors to other pastors in the districts they oversee.

The two-day pastor's conference features three speakers. Here, Dale leads a session about what makes an ideal Christian leader. He uses the Leadership Framework, a model of leadership used by the Global Leadership Development Team (GLDT) branch of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Approximately 80 pastors attended this conference.

During the pastor's conference, the first hour was devoted to a plenary speaker, followed by a half-hour discussion time for small groups.

This group chose to discuss "leadership outside the church" while meeting under a tree.

Both Sundays in Cameroon, Alan, Stan, and Dale preached at local CNBC churches. Here, at Belo Baptist Church, Dale preaches a message on 1 Samuel 14:1–23 titled "God Rewards Faith, Not Self-Effort."

The man standing next to Dale was his interpreter.

Marti was the featured speaker during a one-day denomination-wide women's conference. She spoke on prayer and finding one's significance in the Lord and then led a "pad workshop."

She anticipated speaking to 70 women but 150 attended!

This photo was taken early in the day when she was speaking about the ACTS method of prayer (A=adoration, C=confession, T=thanksgiving, and S=supplication).

(Note from Marti, in relation to the women's conference)  “At the beginning of the day, I told the ladies that I was open to praying for anyone with special needs. I mentioned those who had been involved with the child god, the river god, and in marin initiation. At the end of the day, 20 women were packed into the prayer room. Through a translator, I led them to renounce those other gods and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ over all. I used material from Neil Anderson's writings.
These practices have been “handed down” through generations. When push comes to shove, people are drawn to them because they believe that there is more power with them. For example, people believe that perhaps their child becomes sick because they've failed to sacrifice to demon gods. There is always a cost for keeping these fear-based gods. People are often troubled by bad dreams and voices telling them what to do. I am trusting that our powerful Lord is setting them free.”

After Marti hosted the pad workshop for the women with CNBC, she went to the market place to buy pumpkin leaves (actually calabash leaves) to have with fufu (a favorite local dish) for dinner. The leaf seller lady (on the left) recognized Marti and told her, "Oh, I was in your class, yesterday, and I'm using a pad now and I love it."

We now transition into photos of the Mission Cameroon 2010 team's various activities at Harvest Children's Home Orphanage.

The CNBC Women's Conference was supposed to last one day only. However, the day after the conference ended, two ladies (on the right) arrived to the orphanage, desiring conference materials. Some ladies had to walk for six hours to attend the conference so this may have been the reason they came late. Flexible Marti and an orphanage staff person took the latecomers into a room at the orphanage where Marti gave her pad talk and workshop once again.

Marti had given the "pad talk" during a workshop to 16 older girls and staff of the orphanage. Here, the ladies were very eager and delighted to learn about these pads.

One Friday night, we showed The Jesus Film, which had been produced in the Kom language, the heart language of the orphans.

Included at the end of the film is a gospel presentation, followed by opportunities to pray and invite Christ into one's life. After the film ended, some prayed the prayer out loud.

During her "spare" time, Marti enjoyed reading to the orphans. Some days this took place during the day; other days it happened at night.

Although the electricity for the orphanage was out when Marti started to read a story, she used a headlamp and that made a big difference. Later, when the electricity came back on, Dale snapped this shot.

On a couple of occasions, Marti led evening devotions for the children at the orphanage as she is doing here.

During the two weeks at Harvest Children's Home, team members began constructing a new kitchen. The existing one will be converted into an additional bathroom so male and female orphans will have their own bathing facility. The team built the new kitchen from the ground up to this level.

Emmanuel Ngala (right) will complete it next month using materials and money the team donated. An orphanage staff member who built three other buildings, this project was left in good hands.

As a treat to the team, on one of the final days, Dale led the group to see the waterfall below Fundong town. Even though it was not the peak of the rainy season, the view was still magnificent.

Dale and Marti want to thank those of you who participated in Mission Cameroon 2010 through your prayers and support. This was a team effort and the mission team could not have done it without you!

Many thanks go to you from the Fishers.

West Africa

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