Seeking Second-Generation Leaders

An Incredible Journey

by Dale Fisher

Thaddeus is not new to Transformational Leadership Movement (TLM). One of his assignments from the last TLM training was to begin to build his second generation of leaders so he could multiply his ministry. He took this challenge seriously and decided to share the TLM vision with two pastors. I'll share with you an incredible journey he took attempting to do this.

At 7:00 a.m. one morning, Thaddeus began a journey from his hard-to-reach town to meet with a church leader, Martin. They took a motorcycle taxi for two hours, riding down into the valley, until they reached the M River, which can be crossed only by using a dugout canoe. Often these canoes capsize and many people drown. Thaddeus had never traveled in a canoe before and, knowing the danger, was frightened. He and Martin crossed the river in the dugout canoe shown in this photo, which was taken with his cell phone.

This cellphone photo reveals the dugout boat that Thaddeus took.
That's him in the front.

After reaching to other side, Thaddeus walked 30 minutes more to reach the main road where he caught another motorcycle for a ride to another village to visit the pastor at the Apostolic Church. (In that denomination, a believer is baptized by drawing a chalk cross on this forehead.) He also shared the TLM vision with a nearby Presbyterian pastor. Both pastors were interested and accepted his invitation for further training. Thaddeus’s companion had other business to conduct, so Thaddeus returned alone. When he reached the river, there were no boatmen to take him across. Finally a small boy came and they crossed the river.

Thaddeus reached the other side around 6:30 p.m., as it was getting dark, and began walking home on the wrong path. He knew that he was lost in the forest when he reached a lake that he didn’t recognize. It was night.

He retraced his steps and found the correct path, finally arriving home at 9:00 p.m., after an incredible 14-hour journey.

† Dale: "An Incredible Journey"

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