God Answers Prayer

What a Wonderful Provider He Is

by Dale Fisher

As a follow-up to my e-newsletter's cover story on how well God answers prayer and provides, I'd like to show you a few photos that document all that God has recently provided me and fellow office worker Bob Cadell.
Thanks to a most loving God, Bob and I now share a second-floor office in San Bernardino, just off Hospitality Lane, where many restaurants are located. (Hmm, yummy.) Located behind a Coco's restaurant, you can find our new office at 1906 South Commercenter Drive East, Suite 208A. Bob is a great person with whom to share an office.
As the Southern California director of Campus Crusade's MarketPlace Educator CrossTalk, Bob ministers to public school teachers whom he trains in basic ministry skills, such as sharing their faith and giving their personal testimony. He stays keenly aware of the trends and tragedies around him, helping teachers think through how the Scriptures apply to problems they're facing in their work settings.
Please pray that Bob and I would soon start building relationships with others who work in our office building and that we'd be a positive influence on their finding Christ or growing in their walk with Jesus. Thanks.
In thanks and expectation,


The facade on Commercecenter Drive East

You can find Dale and Bob's new office at 1906 South Commercenter Drive East,
Suite 208A, in San Bernardino, California.

Dale and Bob work side by side in their shared office

Dale (left) and Bob clear their desks and break for the photographer
before resuming their individual ministry efforts.

Dale reads his Bible inside his new office

Accompanied my a number of family photos, Dale settles down with God's Word
in the new office that God had provided.

"God's provision is only one prayer away."  Anonymous

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