Our Christmas Surprise

by Marti Fisher

My breakfast guests and I were just finishing our start-of-the-day food-on December 11 when the phone rang. It was Anna telling me that her water had broken and the contractions had begun. What? Three weeks early? My heart started pounding with joyful anticipation as I said goodbye to my guests. My thoughts ran around tracks in my brain until they finally settled on, "I'm going to be a grandma today. Yipee!"

My prayers had been there all along but now they intensified. It was 10am and I was told to wait for further instructions. "Oh," I thought. "Dale is missing all of this excitement. He is in Kenya."

At 2pm, it was time to go to the hospital. I drove through a rainstorm that dropped hail and then just as I neared the hospital, a beautiful rainbow graced the sky. Finally at 4pm my son-in-law, David, came to tell me that Miriam Amani Catalina Martinez had been born weighing 6 lb. 4oz. All was well. I hurriedly sent pictures and texts all over the world telling this good news.

Her paternal grandma and I jointly held Miriam and sang, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow" to her. For both of us, she was our first grandchild and she was gorgeous. Enjoy meeting her!

Merry Christmas from Miriam Amani Catalina Martinez

The family enjoying Miriam: (l. to r.) Adah and Cory, Anna and David, Marti and Dale

Miriam sleeps contentedly in a basket.

Delighted grandparents — Dale and Marti — holding Miriam

Mom and Dad — Anna and David — cherishing Miriam on Chirstmas day

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