Christmas Rearranging


by Marti Fisher

Not so very long ago, I was pulling red tubs and Christmas boxes out of the garage and looking forward to decorating our home. That exciting time of year had arrived. Several weeks ago, I had picked out the Christmas tree at our usual place and Adah, Jovin (our international student) and Dale all joined in bringing it home. It looked a little less bushy and I found myself wishing I had picked a fuller one. This one proved to be perfect though. It was manageable and fit right in the tree stand. All decked out, it was beautiful.
Adah went right to work and rearranged the living room before we brought the tree inside. She began to see things differently and I was thrilled. Couches were interchanged and tables were moved. At this age, I sometimes do the same thing over and over. Can anyone relate to that?
For some reason, all during Christmas, I found myself loving snowmen. I already had a sizeable collection but I couldn't say no to “rescuing” a few more from the thrift stores for just a few dollars. They all were so charming and my creative brain spilled out a little poem that you can check out at the end of this page.
I began to think about "rearranging." What about my heart? Am I willing to have Jesus help me see where I need to have more love? More patience? More kindness? What about that thing I don't want Him to touch?
Last week, I've spent four days putting things back in the boxes and rearranging the garage to accommodate recent acquisitions. I never put things back the exact way. It was a sweet time as I listened to the “Messiah” and worshipped the Lord while undecorating. What a mighty God, awesome Lord, Savior, Companion, and friend.
My prayer for this year would be to have more of Jesus. To let Him have my time, interrupt my schedule, fill me fuller with the Holy Spirit, and convict me of sin. In short, I invite Him this new year, 2011, to "rearrange me." I want Christmas to be a daily reality. Mas means “more” in Spanish and I want to have Christ mas and mas.

My Snowman

I fell in love with a snowman.
   I kissed his carrot nose.
His coal-black eyes were stunning,
   but alas he had not toes.
I wanted him to hug me but
   his stick arms stood out straight.
Instead I gave him a great big hug,
   but I didn't know his fate.
I blew him kisses from the window
   and watched the sun melt him away,
I'll never forget my snowman
   and the love we shared that day.

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord . . . (1 Peter 3:15a).

another Christian fish with a cross