Campus Crusade for Christ's ISOL and GLDT Ministries Merge

West-Coast Branch of GLDT Is Coming Soon

by Dale Fisher

Excitement filled the air last week when Marti and I, and a number of our ISOL ministry team members, stepped into the Bill Bright Strategy Center, in Orlando. The modern structure is only a small part of Campus Crusade for Christ's international headquarters (see photo below).
Twenty-two conference participants attended presentations and shared discussions in small groups. Marti and I participated in strategy meetings in which we discussed our part in helping to fulfill The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18–20), starting with global Christian leaders, inside and outside Campus Crusade for Christ.
All such meetings were part of our current ministry’s (ISOL's) merger with Campus Crusade’s Global Leadership Development Team (GLDT), which is located in Orlando. I see God working in our ministry as He begins to merge ISOL with GLDT.
Does that mean that ISOL members who attach themselves to GLDT must relocate to Florida? No. Marti and I will continue living in Redlands, California and soon open a West-Coast branch of GLDT. All of our finances and policies will remain unchanged with the only exception being that we'll now report to and through a different Campus Crusade ministry: GLDT.
Part of the merger involves Marti and me becoming familiar with those tools and ministry strategies that GLDT uses successfully, which is why we traveled to Florida. In April I hope to travel abroad so I can see, firsthand, how GLDT ministers in the field.
Now that ISOL has merged with GLDT, we feel that our ministry of teaching and training overseas will grow nicely, enabling us to serve on more and more ministry trips. We'll keep you informed further about this merger as things progress.

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Our ISOL director and team leader, Andrea, who is a Cru vice president,
leads a discussion that our 22-person team conducted
in Cru's Bill Bright Strategy Center.
      ISOL and GLDT members break into small groups to familiarize themselves with those tools and ministry strategies that GLDT uses successfully.       Dale (left) and Marti share a relaxing smile
while studying GLDT's system and fabric.
      Marti (center) contributes to one of her many small-group discussions.

GLDT member Barry holds the attention of all 22 ISOL ministry team members.         Gordon Klenck explains leadership framework ideas. Interestingly, Gordon was
the first staff member to join CCC (in 1952), following its founding
at UCLA in 1951 by Bill and Vonette Bright.
        As seen through an upstairs window of the Bill Bright Strategy Center, here's one of the two main,
identical structures on Campus Crusade for Christ's international headquarters complex.

Now merged, all 22 members of the new Global Development Leadership Team
wear a thankful smile.

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord (Romans 12:11).

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