New Church's Problem

The Choir Must Sit Outside

by Dale Fisher

Pastor Martin has a problem. He's one of our TLM leaders in Kenya who's applying what he's learned. His church of three hundred members has grown. Even though it's on the fertile slope of Mt. Kenya, and the members of his congregation are mainly farmers, increasingly more and more people attend.

His church now has five hundred worshippers! Since the building can't hold that many people, the choir must sit outside during the service. Needless to say, he plans to build a new building to accommodate all the new people. Thank you for helping to create such wonderful problems by partnering with us as we train pastors such as Martin to build multiplying ministries in Africa.

Currently, the choir in Pastor Martin's church must seat itself outside (to the left in this photo,
beneath the cross and in front of the entrance doors).

Not only is Martin seeing his church grow, he's also planting a daughter church about fifteen miles away in a remote area (similar and close to the area shown in the next photo). It's so remote that you can't get there by car. Twenty people come from that area every Sunday and he feels that that's enough to birth a new church. Currently he's training the leadership team of this new church.

Pastor Martin plans to build a new church in the rural hills fifteen miles from his current church.

Scriptural Reflection

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

— Matthew 16:18

† Dale: "Sitting Outside Church"

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