An Amazing Encounter


by Marti Fisher

The ocean churns
dolphins too numerous to count
arc there way through the waters

Confined to the capsule of our boat
we're amazed as the ocean entourage
escorts us through their chilly domain

I reach over the boat to touch one, just any one as they flip and turn, swirling around us. They dart so
fast and surface so quickly, we can hardly capture them on camera.

Then, BINGO! For a millisecond, I touch the silky skin.
I want to dive in and swim with them but the water is 56 degrees. I can only imagine the joy if I
could, oh how I wish could.

An hour passes but we aren't tired of watching these dolphins somersaulting and displaying their
graceful rhythms.
Perpetual motion surrounds us and we are mesmerized

We spot a floating object. We circle around and pull it from the water. It's a deflated Mylar balloon
that says, “Happy Birthday.”
Linda's birthday is tomorrow.
The message has come on time.
I wonder if Linda feels loved? The dolphins...the balloon...the day

The dolphins spread out, some continue to accompany our boat.
Do they enjoy it? We do!
Perhaps their feeding time is over and now it is our turn to go to lunch.

We've shared this beautiful moment in time...this gift that has so freely been given.
We feel special...just the water and the dolphins and us and soon our photos to remind us of a
wonderfully unique beginning to 2011.

another Christian fish with a cross