The Fisher Family's
Thanksgiving "Ice-Blocking" Session

The basics behind ice-blocking

The Moves

Ice-blocking is fun for beginners. It's also a good way for pros to warm up. All moves build upon mastery of this basic form.
(1) You purchase a block of ice that's approximately 5" x 5" x 15" in size. Average cost is $2.
(2) Dress warmly, especially from the waist down. Wear gloves and bring a folded towel to separate your warm bottom from the block's icy top.
(3) All ice-blocking moves should be performed on a suitably steep, grassy hill. Sand and Astroturf are poor substitutes.
This is an international ice-blocking icon. (4) Your rear should be as close to the front edge of the block as possible (as shown in this illustration); your hands should be behind you, gripping the side edges of your towel.
(5) Before you take off, it’s a good idea to push your block back and forth on the hill in order to get a slick surface on the bottom of the block.
(6) Once your block is "tuned," push off and begin sliding. Your feet should be off the ground but can be lowered if you need to slow yourself or steady your descent.

Note: The most common mistakes involve forgetting to bring an ice block; hitting sprinkler heads; locating dog poop; bumping into friends, and breaking bones. Disclaimer: Be careful at all times and be aware of your surroundings.    (  ;- )

The Fishers' ice-blocking maneuvers were performed the day after Thanksgiving, in
a park in nearby Loma Linda. In Southern California, people get tired of
shopping and yearn for exercise and entertainment.

Because one would have to drive 30 to 60 minutes to reach real snow,
this "ice-blocking" craze is most popular with those who can't deal with
gas and travel-time burdens.

It was introduced to the Fisher family by a young man, Zach,
who is quite a skillful ice-blocker.

Those taking part in this fun outing included Dale, Marti,
Andrew, Adah, and Rachel (Adah's friend).


Meet some of the players, warming up [sic] on their ice blocks.

Adah is ready to take off.

Adah readies herself for the first plunge.

Special Event:  The Ice Train (involving usually two or three ice-blockers)

"Ice trains" are fun for couples, families, or friends who want additional fright. The person in the back should place her/his legs at stomach level of the person in front (as shown in this illustration). The person in front (a.k.a., "the locomotive") must pin the other person's legs to the side of the body while gripping the ice block.
"The locomotive" is also responsible for not letting her/his ice block slide out from underneath and bump the other person in the crotch, which reddens everyone's face.

The Troica Ice Train: Andrew, Adah, and Dale, linking arms, one behind the other, at the quick and ready — earns four points

The Troika Ice Train: Andrew ("the locomotive"), Dale, and Adah ("the caboose"),
linking arms, one behind the other, are at the quick and ready. "Go for it!"
A three-person ice train, when successfully completed, earns four points.

Check this out: A non-conforming, four-person, lateral ice train (worth 10 points!)
Wow! Unfortunately, there's no photographic documentation that these four
daring pioneers successfully completed this treacherous physical endeavor.


The Fisher Family's World-Class Event:  It's the Full-Family Ice Train (involving all family-member ice-blockers at once).

Possibilities for survival drop sharply with every person you add to a train. Rarely do these teams make it to the bottom of a hill. But when the family members pray for Holy Spirit guidance, often all participants remain friends afterwards, regardless of the outcome.
Incidentally, team members pulling this feat off successfully each earn 6 points, while "the Locomotive" earns a whopping 30 points.

Ready for some hilarious "action shots"?

There goes Adah, by herself. (Look out!!!)

There goes Adah, by herself.
("Careful, Adah! Isn't that a fence down there? Look out everyone!!!")

Andrew is first out of the gate, ahead of Zach and Adah.

Andrew is first out of the gate here, ahead of Zach and Adah.

Whoa, Nellie! Andrew is ripping up the course with an ultra-high-speed run!

"Whoa, Nellie!" Andrew is ripping up the course with an ultra-high-speed run!

Not to be outdone, Marti shows off her keen sense of balance and mastery as she scores highest among the Fishers.

Not to be outdone, Marti shows off her keen sense of balance
and mastery as she scores highest among the Fishers.

Although it was cold, we had a great time! We thank you, Lord.