You Sure Love Me a Whole Bunch

by Marti Fisher

I’m a creative type. My brain jumps around making all sorts of connections and I sometimes just have to pause, take a deep breath, and decide with the rational part of the brain what to act on.

Such was the day I got a sweet note from my niece telling me that her four children loved Dale and me. That melts me right there. We didn’t even get to spend a lot of time with them before they went to Ohio but love gets carried in the heart and isn’t easily forgotten. I love responding to love so I quickly texted her to ask her what image each of the children liked and I was glad for her quick response.

One of her sons especially has a connection to me through our common love of giraffes…and so I wanted to respond to that love by making pillow cases for them with images they enjoyed.

Marti is very pleased to have found the ideal lion fabric.

I already had some cute giraffe fabric but football, lion, and llama for the others couldn’t be found in my fabric stash. I remembered that Walmart had a football print and off I went. It was right where I remembered but two calls to get someone to cut one yard of fabric didn’t yield help. I didn’t have time to wait any more for what might not happen so I carried on with my errands.

I googled llamas and it said, “Hobby Lobby” was the place to go. I asked the clerks if they had it but neither seemed to remember just where. I saw a few baby type prints with a llama sprinkled in with other animals, but these kids weren’t babies anymore. That wouldn’t do.

As I was about to leave, one of the clerks found it—a darling llama print with only llamas and just right for a tween. I also saw a football print that was much classier than the one at Walmart. Bingo!!! Now I had 3 down and one to go.

The only fabric store left was Joanns. I was tired and needed to find it quickly. My tired eyes danced over many bolts of fabric, perhaps 300 or more and I was about to leave. Just then a still, small voice whispered, “Why don’t you pray? “ “O.K., Lord, if there is lion fabric in this store that isn’t babyish please show me.”

It was if the prayer flew to heaven and the answer came back lightning speed. My eyes fell on the loveliest lion fabric that perhaps I had overlooked before.

What God? You care about this? How could you be so sovereign and so personal and so loving and all of that wrapped up in one person? I stood for minutes just in awe of Him who delighted in answering my very personal prayer and quickly hurried to buy the fabric. I floated out of the store and headed home, so excited, so thrilled that my heavenly Father who created this universe and created me was giving me a love dose in just the right amount to delight and nurture my soul. Thank you , my Abba. Thank you a million times.

Marti used each of these fabrics to create a young child's pillow cases.

† Marti: "Being Loved a Whole Bunch"

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