Dear family and friends,July 20, 2009

I'm very excited to tell you what God did during our recent trip to Haiti. First, I thank God for the generous support and prayers you offered me. He’s so faithful.
Port-au-Prince, HaitiLast Sunday, we returned safely from 10 days in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The purpose of the trip was to run a weeklong, Bible-focused, summer camp for a group of approximately 50 orphans and street children. These kids live in a home called the House of Light, run by a dear missionary couple through Child Hope International. Boy, is that a house of light for His gospel!
In a country whose people are desperate for the love of Christ, Haiti is overrun with corruption, poverty, and voodoo mysticism. Sadly, 12 of the boys now at the orphanage used to be cared for by an American who was a pedophile! It’s so hard to hear about the lives of these Haitian children and imagine the suffering they've endured.
I, and 35 missionary friends from 15 Southern Californian churches, went to Port-au-Prince to pour our love onto these kids, tell them they’re beautiful, and teach them the important promises from God’s Word that will transform their lives, hopefully their country. In the United States, hope is something we take for granted. In Haiti, hope is dead. Seeing that reality, we wanted to instill Christ’s hope into their lives, giving them something for which to live.

Some of our trip’s highlights for me:

What an amazing mission trip this was! I thank you very much for your encouragement and your support for me on this trip.
Please continue to pray for the missionaries who serve in Haiti full time. Also pray for the kids who likely will talk about our summer camp all year long!
May God bless you and supply all of your needs, according to his riches and mercy.
Love and thanks,


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The girls in Adah's cabin sat together for meals
in the cafeteria.
Showing their affection for one another are those who stayed in Adah's cabin. From left to right, in the front row, are Adeline, Love-Mita, Chabine, Erta (the translator) and Phara. In the back are missionaries Rachael, Jamie, Kamala, and Adah. The girls loved to braid hair. After Franky braided Adah's hair, the two smile together.

During free time, Adah brought the sewing supplies outdoors and two of the girls joined in at sewing while they watched the boys play soccer. Go Green Team! Katrina and Adah sit on the sideline and cheer their green-shirt team on to victory. At the beautiful Kaliko Beach Resort, Adah and Phara share hugs on the last day of camp.

Approximately 10 kids participated in Adah's sewing class. They learned basic stitches and made the camp bags that each is proudly displaying. This breakfast plate consisted of two cooked plantains and some sausage. A few of the Southern Californian missionaries pose in front of the plane before saying, "Good-bye Haiti!"

God's encouraging and helpful Word for these and all children: Psalms 33:20 We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. and 72:12 God will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.

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