“This Is the First Book
Ever to Be Written
in My Language”

by Marti Fisher

The words in my story title were the first words uttered by a young Christian (whom I'll call "M") who had come to know Jesus two years ago. By the sovereign plan of God, we were able to give him the book of Genesis, and he could hardly stop reading it. It seemed as though his heart wanted to soak up the truth while his eyes danced over the words. Dale and I were touched, to say the least.
In the frenzy of our mission trip preparations, Dale recalled our "Kenyan Missionary Friend" (KMF), who told us about a Wycliffe Bible Translator (WBT) couple who had to be airlifted out of M's tribal territory for security reasons. Dale began to wonder what translation work might have been done. Through some personal connections, he found that 80 copies of the book of Genesis had been translated into the villagers' language. These booklets had been kept in a nearby coastal town, the hometown of our KMF’s husband! Through the financial gift of one of our supporters, we were excited to have been able to buy them and have them donkey-carted to our island destination.
Even the village chief was excited. As it turns out, his brother-in-law knows the Kenyans who had these Genesis booklets. Not only this, he's the one who keeps this tribe’s history. Imagine what he can now write! Generations ago, his people were Christians who had migrated southward from Ethiopia. Islamic traders forced their religion on them with the threat of death if they didn't convert. Today, we've had the privilege of entering God’s story into the tribe's historic records and going to the enemy camp to take back what he had stolen.
Would you ask the Lord whose story He wants you to be a part of?

— • —

Genesis was difficult to stop reading.

This young Kenyan Christian enjoyed reading Genesis in his own language.

Two men about to experience the reading of Genesis

Two men read Genesis for the first time ever. One of them realized,
"This is the first book ever to be written in my language." It was
difficult for him to stop reading it and put the booklet down.

One man reads Genesis to another.

Here, one man is affected by another man's reading of Genesis to him.

another Christian fish with a cross

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