Carpentry Training Report
Harvest Children's Home, Cameroon

July 2013 Update and Thanks

by Dale Fisher

Thank you for your part in starting the vocational carpentry training program last month at Cameroon's Harvest Children's Home (HCH) orphanage, where Emmanuel Ngala is a teacher on staff. This was a team effort with more than 25 people helping to launch this training program. Thank you again for your significant part!

First project finished — On day one, orphans constructed four chicken feeding troughs. Because I was training pastors elsewhere, I wasn't able to be with the apprentice carpenters on their first day. However, Ngala started the training project; by the end of the day, the young boys had built four troughs for their poultry project. In this photo, Finian and Derrick (left and right) are holding the ends of not-yet-completed benches, while Nathaniel is holding a completed chicken feeding trough.

Second project: building four benches — Here is Ngala's attitude report of July 8.
"We are doing well and I get the materials for the benches. The children has already produce two benches as you can see on the pic I have send to you and more will be coming, soon as they will start the third one tomorrow. These is a good start and I see them ready for more things to happen; they know when we need to start and they always came to me to see whether I'm ready and with all their heart."

Additional projects — chair, podium, stool
I think that Ngala and the orphans are on a roll. They've completed all the items scheduled to be constructed and have built more items. I believe we have a success story here. As you can see in the photo, the four lighter color benches are the new ones. To my surprise, they also fabricated the podium (front, center), which wasn't even on the orphanage's list of carpentry projects.

Follow-up report — from Ngala on July 19
"The guys are wonderful, they are doing more than what I thought, as you can see more thing that they have made for themselves."

Orphan boys appreciate seeing and handling wooden boards on a cutting table. Nathaniel (right) holds his finished stool while another boy (center) eagerly surfaces a board with a plane.


These boys constructed a small chair; the younger boy tries it out and beams proudly with a pleased smile.

Latest report — Ngala tells me that, because the boys are on school vacation, they're now doing carpentry every day!

There are many more things happening at Harvest Children's Home orphanage that I'm happy to present.

The girls — Vocational training for girls, which teaches sewing, appears to again be quite active. Young girls at Harvest Children's Home are improving their sewing skills as they use two available sewing machines.
    The girl's vocational sewing training program started more than a year ago, but seemed to have stalled. It's exciting to see it actively revived, possibly because one of the HCH staff now helps instruct and supervise the training. There are two ongoing sewing needs at the orphanage: repairing tears and holes in current clothing and creating new garments. I can tell you that the orphanage girls have a good time sewing.

October's sneak previews — Jim and Barbie Murphy from Colorado and their team will visit the orphanage in October when Jim will bring to the orphanage the remaining carpentry tools. This is but one part of the Murphy's overall goal of training Sunday School teachers to use the L.E.A.R.N. process. They're also interested in seeing what they can do to further the establishment of a working library at the orphanage. This may involve having the carpentry apprentices build as many as four new bookcases.

HCH's future plans — It appears that the boy's vocational training program in carpentry has been launched successfully and is doing well. The girl's sewing training program shows encouraging results.

Thank you very much for your participation in one way or another to help make this dream of launching a vocational training program for orphans come true. There are always carpentry projects at HCH needing to be performed. With adequate funding, these essential building projects can be completed. Today, HCH has two big needs: (1) for a kitchen counter to be built for food preparation, as well as (2) for four new library bookcases. I'm encouraged to learn that orphanage staff are considering the addition of "Bread Baking" to its vocational training program offerings.

In the future Ngala and staff and the orphans can do much more as God leads them. I again thank you for your partnership in this exciting endeavor!

Dale and Emmanuel Ngala

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

Philippians 1:3–5

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