Sharing Jesus in the Neighborhood

The News Is Good

by Marti Fisher

Ethiopia, West Africa

"Hey kids: Dale and I are having a five-day Good News Club at my house, starting in 10 minutes." Two of our neighbor kids jumped off their bikes and with their parents' permission, they hopped into my car. I had already door-knocked homes in our little horseshoe-shaped street and our friends who lead these clubs were ready.

All of the songs, games, and stories focused on the theme of the day. Playing hide and seek with one partner blindfolded made the story of blind Bartimaeus very real. The kids were so obedient to raise their hands to answer questions and the leader never made the children feel bad if they couldn't "get it right." It was delightful to see the shy ones gaining more confidence each day.

One day several boys couldn't attend and I wondered who would come instead. That morning I had prayed for a special blessing and was excited that a good friend brought her 2 youngest children. At 7 years of age, the younger was like a bouncy "Tigger" and the 10 year older brother was more like a studious scientist. Both of them knew a lot about the Bible and on the last day, the leader asked if anyone wanted to ask Jesus into their heart. The younger raised his hand and went with the leader to pray and open the door of his heart to Jesus. What joy we all had seeing this one come into the Kingdom!

In the days to come, I plan to visit the children who came and share Jesus with those who couldn't attend all 5 days. Please pray for me and join me in giving thanks to our marvelous Lord for His work.

Street vendor in Hawasa, Ethiopia selling wooden crosses

"Good News Club" Leaders

Andy Simpson and daughter Amanda, who are both with Child Evangelism Fellowship, led our five-day neighborhood Bible club in our living room.

Dale was happy to find a locally made coffeepot for only one dollar

Game Time

We're about to play an enjoyable game called "Zonk."

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matthew 19:14).
another Christian fish with a cross