Campus Crusade for Christ Staff Conference

Much Sharing and Worshiping at Colorado State University

Ethiopia, West Africa

by Marti Fisher

We've just been home a few days after participating in our bi-annual staff training for Campus Crusade for Christ, whose name has changed to "Cru". You can find out more about this name change in the August newsletter's "How God Works" cover article, as well as on this page. To the right is the new Cru logo.

There is just something so amazing about being in a huge auditorium with 5,000 other believers and singing your lungs out. Some of the songs we knew and others were totally new. We loved the fact that those “good old hymns” had their place in our worship times too.

Francis Chan challenged us to live holy lives, not faking it but honestly pouring out our hearts to the Lord and being transparent with others. Only then will those who don't yet follow Jesus see that we are
also in the human struggle yet the big difference is that our Lord is there to meet us and give us victory.

Dan Allender gave us a great time sharing his “God story” and teaching us how not to be “holier than thou” but real. He is amazing in the way that he relates to non-Christians...not in a churchy way but in a way that gets onto their wave length. We didn't miss a word he said!

Many other speakers and singers enriched our lives by sharing theirs. One of the things I enjoyed the most was watching how gracefully one of the up front folks signed for the deaf. I found myself trying to follow her motions and it really enhanced my worship experience.

There is no doubt that one of the best parts of staff training was seeing old friends. This is my 40th year and hardly a meal went by without connecting with someone that I knew. We listened to hard times, laughed together, prayed together and went down memory lane. We cheered on those that had written books and then we bought their book and read it. One that I have learned so much from is titled, “God Wins.” It is written by our friends Roy and Eleanor Rosedale.

At times I thought, “I just need a break from all of this spiritual stuff.” It was then that I worked on a scrapbook that is for the 14 years we spent in Kenya. My creative mind went heartily to work as I collaged photos from the past and recalled fun times on the African continent.

Dale and I are glad to be home. We have traveled over 4,000 miles in the last 2 ½ weeks and slowly we are getting our energy back. It will take a long time to unpack all that we learned this year at Colorado State University but our hearts are open and we pray that the Holy Spirit will remind us.

All the earth bows down to you;
they sing praise to you,
they sing the praises of your name.  —  Psalm 66:4
Street vendor in Hawasa, Ethiopia selling wooden crosses

Thrilling Privilege

One of the thrills of Dale and Marti's being at Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins, Colorado, was having the privilege of being trained and inspired along with 5,000 fellow staff at the same time.

Dale was happy to find a locally made coffeepot for only one dollar

Worshipping in Concert

Dale and Marti love worshiping together with staff from all over the US. A Cru musical group known as Keynote can be seen on the stage. They led everyone in worship.

Woman vendor in Addis sells spices, beans, and more

Kenya Reunions

During staff training sessions, Dale and Marti often spend time with friends who've served with them in Kenya. The Johnsons, Ostendorfs, and Singletons all taught at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST) where they have ministered for 14 years.

Bananas in Ethiopia are sweet. They sell for about 20 cents a pound

All Teamed Up

Meet the current Campus Crusade for Christ (soon to become Cru) staff team. Director Don Lovell stands on the right.

The new Cru logo, coming
in early 2012
another Christian fish with a cross