Effective Missionary Discipleship
Requires "Inreach" Along With Outreach

by Warren Camp (the Web guy)

Chapel in the Pines, Arnold, California

Two weeks ago, Marti and Dale drove up to visit friends at my church: Chapel in the Pines (in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range town of Arnold, California); one of 10 churches that sponsor the Fisher family with financial support. After greeting them upon their arrival, I congratulated them for their numerous "Kenya 2008" missionary team's accomplishments. Dale immediately countered that credit for all spiritual achievements must, instead, be given to God Almighty. I agreed.
Dale shared with me the purpose of his and Marti's six-day visit. He told me, "Marti and I need to visit supporting churches at least every two years so we can keep up with our friends, pray for them, meet new people, and just 'be there' for them. We very much enjoy this 'inreach' aspect of our ministry and look forward to more times when we can visit with our many church friends from around the nation.

Let me give you a glimmer of what the Fishers' six days and nights of inreach included.

Before their departure, Dale explained to me why the two of them did so much during their brief stay, saying, "Our goals, while visiting your church body, were to see friends and deepen relationships with them, meet new people, pray for all, present our year's upcoming missions, and simply connect with everyone. During each of these church visits, we deepen or start individual relationships and discover how we might pray for individuals, as well as share with them our own prayer and financial needs. Each of us tries to show Christ’s love for people and, in turn, receive love from them. We look forward to providing this inreach ministry to every church family that supports us and invites us to visit."

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This pair of photos presents Chapel in the Pines missions committee members, welcoming and praying for the Fishers.

The Fishers dine with the church's missions committee members

Chapel missions committee members pose after treating the Fishers to a wonderful dinner event, hosted by committee leaders Shaune and Dave (standing, right).

Missions committee members lay their hands on the Fishers in prayer

Before the evening ended, committee member Bob (right) prays for Marti and Dale's ministry, as fellow members lay their hands on them in prayer.


The Fishers' "prayer partners" at Chapel in the Pines are those in its Bakery Bible Study Group, currently made up of 14 Bible studiers.

Warren, the Web servant, greets Marti and Dale in Kenyan attire

Dressed in Kenyan attire, Warren (left, the Web guy) greets Marti and Dale who were the first to arrive at the Bakery Bible Study Group's get-together for the Fishers.

Half the Bakery Bible Sytudy Group pose with the Fishers

Here, half of the Bakery Bible Study Group cozy up for this group shot after everyone enjoyed the Fishers' slideshow, as well as refreshments.

Pat and Marti enjoy tasty finger food

Pat (right) and Marti enjoy a variety of finger-food treats.

On route to the next Chapel get-together, Marti and Dale depart

After presenting their Kenya 2008 mission slideshow and appealing for financial support for this August's Kenya mission, Marti and Dale prepare to depart for yet another Chapel in the Pines missions event, dedicated to supporting their outreach ministry.


The Fishers' six-day visit with numerous Chapel supporters was packed with meetings, events, and presentations. As needed, they treated themselves to a nourishing "time out," enjoying many of God's creations in the Sierras.

The two take a refreshing break at White Pines Lake

After joining a few small-group Bible studies, luncheons, and dinners with Chapel in the Pines brothers and sisters, Marti and Dale enjoyed a refreshing break, alone, at nearby idyllic White Pines Lake.


One event that Dale very much enjoyed was an early morning breakfast with the Chapel's "Hearty Boys" Bible-study group.

Dale awaits breakfast before his next Bible study

Eager to begin breakfast at 7 a.m., after completing the 6 a.m. "Working Man's Bible Study," are Dale, Pastor Dick (center) and George (left).

Twenty four men join Dale for breakfast

A portion of the 26-member-strong Hearty Boys Bible Study Group enjoys breakfast before walking to the nearby Chapel for Dale's presentation.

Another view of the 24 Hearty Boys

The Hearty Boys Bible Study Group has been enjoying breakfast before Bible study, every Tuesday, for several years.


Sitting in the Chapel in the Pines worship center, Dales shares his outreach ministry's efforts and aspirations with the Hearty Boys.

Dale presents a slideshow to the Hearty Boys group

Dale presents an inspiring slideshow of his missionary family's ministry that highlights last year's mission to Kenya.

This slide highlights Nicodemus

The theme for Dale's slideshow presentation was "The Surprise Appearance (in Kenya) of a Number of Nicodemuses."

A close-up of hands being laid on Dale in prayer

Hearing and seeing all that Dale and his family have done and are scheduled to perform, all the Hearty Boys share prayer with Dale.

All 24 Hearty Boys lay hands on Dale and share prayers

Indeed, Jesus was with all "the boys" as Apostle Matthew continues to assure us.

". . . For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20).


Between the Chapel's 9- and 11-o'clock services, wherein Dale and Marti took turns speaking to congregants, they also presented their missions slideshow to the adult Sunday school class.

During adult Sunay school, Marti speaks

While Dale sets up his computer and projector, Marti describes a few of the amazing miracles God created for the coastal peoples of Kenya during last year's mission there.

Dale describes to the class last year's Kenya boat ride

Narrating his slideshow, Dale recounts a river journey during last year's exciting Kenya mission when the family rode in a small boat amid crocodiles and hippos on each side of their boat.


Chapel congregants heard Dale speak at the 9-o'clock service while Marti spoke at the 11-o'clock service.

Senior Pastor Dave Waterman introduces the Fishers at a Chapel service

In front of the Chapel in the Pines beautiful, stained-glass cross, Senior Pastor Dave Waterman invites one of the Fishers to speak at each morning worship service.

Marti speaks to congregants at th 11-o'clock service

Marti spoke at the 11-o'clock service, telling the story of one of many conversions, from Muslim to Christianity, that she experienced during her Kenya 2008 Mission, after her showing of "The Jesus Film."


Speaking on behalf of the Fishers' many Chapel in the Pines friends and supporters, I'm grateful, not only for the Fisher family's multi-level outreach ministry that it does so well but for their personal "inreach" efforts that they continue to make for their supporters, inspiring and staying connected with them.

If your church supports the Fisher missionary family and you would like the Fishers to visit with your church body, contact or to make arrangements. If it doesn't yet but would like to, let Marti or Dale know that so they can thank you and begin to set things in motion.

The Fishers will enjoy their visit with you. They appreciate your continued support, enabling their entire family to reach out to the unchurched, spread the Word of God, and "go and make disciples, baptizing them . . ."

Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age (Matthew 28:19).

Marti and Dale: I and your other friends and supporters appreciate so very much all of your ministry's outreach and inreach efforts.

Yours truly, WarrenThank you, Marti and Dale

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