Would you like to visit me?

I'd love to visit with you this year. Any season is good for me.

If you're wondering where A.R.C. of Rockland is, simply click this address, 25 Hemlock Drive, Congers, New York and a detailed roadmap will pop up. Try it! Really! When it opens, click on Get Directions and you'll be given a printable set of directions — both ways!

Important: Call Elyse Eisenberg, my new case manager (845-268-7424) before you leave so she can give you the exact address of my own house.

If you're planning to come on a weekday, don't be concerned about interrupting my classes at school. I can certainly miss a weekday class so I can enjoy a wonderful reunion with you. All I ask is that you contact Elyse or Miraline at least a week before you plan to arrive and let them know when you'll be here. I'll stay home and eagerly await your knock on my front door.

When you visit, we can spend the entire time in my house and backyard (if the weather is nice). I'll give you a tour of my large house. We can have lunch together in the dining room. In the living room, my helpers might turn my computer and monitor on so I can tell you all about the pictures of me on my new Web site.

Then, I'll take you to my room, complete with lots of family photos and Yankees memorabilia, and of course, my own TV.

Warren and Rosanne visited me in October 2006.

If you'd prefer, we can certainly have lunch off campus. My drivers will load me into our van and drive me to any of the cool stores we have here in town. You can follow right behind us. I love McDonalds as well as Chinese food. There's also a delicatessen nearby that makes great sandwiches and fruit salads that I like very much.

Whether you bring food or we eat out, let me give you two updates:
(1) I'm still on a diet. So please be careful about how many calories some foods and treats have, okay? Thanks. My nurse and my waistline will thank you.
(2) It's difficult to use my hands so selecting and bringing easy-to-handle bite-size food for me is ideal. If in doubt, ask Elyse.

Virginia and Bruce and Paul visited me a few days before my BIG birthday, on May 31. They took a lot of pictures. Once Warren gets them, he'll create a new photo album for me and everyone, as soon as Elyse tells Warren that she has the time again to show me my Web site.

Thank you very much for visiting me.