Here's my sixth photo puzzle!

My last birthday was a lot of fun. Do you know the day? Yes, it's May 31.

So, before my big birthday comes again, I thought I'd show you Warren's brand-new photo jigsaw puzzle. It's a picture of me, a few years ago, getting ready to enjoy my big, colorful birthday cake.

I hope you like this puzzle that Warren created for everyone. Show me how quickly you can complete it. The instructions are to the left.

Are your fingers ready?

A Java applet was placed immediately above this notice. Your browser is either not capable of executing Java applets or you have that option turned off. Please obtain a Java-enabled browser or activate Java.

To restart this puzzle, click the Start button and try to improve your score.
To see the finished puzzle, click the Solve button.

Look for a different puzzle once Elyse or Brandi
asks Warren to prepare it for me.

— • —

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