Glad you came to my PowerPoints page!

Warren has created four PowerPoint presentations (so far). I like them a lot. I sure hope you find them enjoyable too.

He told me five years ago that he'd love to create a brand-new one for me that's filled with photos of us on our latest visit. He adds sound effects and animations that are great! Unfortunately, all the computers here do not play sound. I can't figure that out. Nevertheless, as soon as someone in charge advises Warren that the audio output for all the Congers House is reactivated, he'll again create great PowerPoint pages for you and me to enjoy.

Please don't wait any longer. Schedule your next visit and bring your camera. I know you'll have a good time. Thanks very much!

Note: The PowerPoints showings do not advance automatically. Use the "space bar" or "down arrow" to advance the slides.

Okay, here they are:
 #1 August 2006  My Introduction to PowerPoint Presentations (1.1 MB)
 #2 September 2006  Warren Announcing His Upcoming Visit (2.8 MB)
 #3 October 2006  I Can't Wait for This Next Visit (3.7 MB)
 #4 November 2006  What a Great Visit! (3.3 MB)
 #5 ________ 2014  (awaiting your visit)

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Email or snail-mail photos to Warren and he'll update my pages monthly and create the next PowerPoint presentation for everyone to enjoy.

This Yankees teddy bear watches over Douglas every night.       My precious family photos that I keep in my room

You can also call me on the phone and say "Hi!" Of course, when we speak, I'll tell you all about my favorite team, the New York Yankees.

Thanks.  I'd very much like to hear from you.

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