"Hello.  Want to play a cool memory game?"

Because I'm a big Yankees fan, you can bet that this memory game involves the Yanks. It's not toooo hard. Even I could figure this one out!

Ready to give it a try? Before you hit "Play," read the instructions that I printed for you below the game box.

Begin by selecting "Play". When the next window opens, select "Play" again and you'll find 16 tiles with a "?" on each.

Click on any tile to reveal an emblem of a Major League Baseball team. Remember its location. Then click another tile to see if it matches the first selection. If it does, great. If not, you'll hear a disappointing sound that means the matching tile is not beneath your selection.

Remember where your first emblem is and choose a different tile with the hopes your next choice will match the selected tile. Try to match emblems in as few attempts as possible.

When you win, you'll receive an ovation. Otherwise, if you get frustrated while playing, you can select "Again" to reactivate a new set of tiles or choose "End" to quit.

Hey! A few weeks ago, I visited the new Yankee Stadium. What a place! If you'd like to check out what Yankee Stadium looks like, see my "Ball Game" photo album coming very soon, once Warren completes it.