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Next to my photos collection are my big TV and my doggie friend whom I've yet to name.
Warren's telling me how big my room is. What do YOU think?
Warren and I are sharing a big hug.
Sadly, Warren and Rosanne have to leave. We had a nice Goodbye.
Warren's about to take off in his rental car.
Bye-bye, Warren and Rosanne. Thanks for visiting me. I love you.
Rosanne and Warren sent me this photo of them standing in front of the Grand Canyon.
Closeup of Rosanne . . .
. . . and Warren
. . . and a puzzling shot of cousin Warren and Rosanne . . . .
See how happy I am on my next visit? Virginia and Bruce came a little before Christmas. And they brought me this great Yankees sweatshirt.
And my last photo that Bruce took shows how happy Virginia is. Great visit! I love Virginia and Bruce very much.
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