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"CClick on the first photo (the upper-left one) to see my collection of enlarged photos."

Seven years ago, Warren, Rosanne, and Mommy visited me — what a great time we all had together.
I'm ready to have some lunch with my family.
Our after-lunch pose — the doughnut was great!
I'm a happy guy when I'm being visited.
Rosanne is feeding me some of her fruit salad that I like a lot.
And Warren is sharing his Pepsi with me.
Back in my room, Rosanne has asked me if I'd like a gift from her. I said, Yes, of course. I like her a lot.
Wow! Rosanne gave me a warm Yankees hat for wintertime travels. She's nice.
What do you think of my hat?
Take a look at all my cool stuff that I keep next to my bed.
And look at my two Yankees pillows!
Jessica made a copy of an e-mail birthday card Rosanne and Warren sent me on my 60th birthday. — yes 60th.
I like these visits very much. Will you please schedule a visit with me this year? Thanks so much.
Can you hear my radio? It plays Yankees games, even TV broadcasts! I got it at Radio Shack and can't imagine being without it.
What a treat! I get to enjoy seeing these wonderful framed photos of Mommy and Daddy every day and every night.
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